About Silver Wain Water:

Through daily detoxification we regain our health.

Wayne Rowland developed Silver Wain-Water.

Traditionally, silver has been used as a proven antibiotic and astringent, with no known side effects. This product includes several universal energies with particular harmonic resonances, including that of the earth.

Wayne was trained by his adoptive Blackfoot father and became a Medicine Man and Shaman. He was a natural inventor, creating dozens of different inventions related to Engineering and Healing technologies. Wayne was a “sensitive” with remarkable powers of perception and insight. For many years, he studied the diverse world of metaphysics and has worked extensively with the ideas and equipment developed by Nikola Tesla.

Wayne was drawn into the field of health, science and alternative medicine many years ago, when faced with his own life threatening health challenges. After being embedded in a wall by a lead explosion, hospital doctors offered little hope of recovery. His life was saved, finally, not by the best medical team available but by a priest who presented him with blue-green algae to ingest and form into poultices.
Wayne left the hospital with his faith in the medical establishment severely shaken. Lead residue in his body subsequently resulted in the development of stomach and oesophagus cancer. When he once again sought medical help, he was told “try chemotherapy.” He made a conscious decision to become totally responsible for his own health, and began to look to the past for health care solutions.
In his search, Wayne first investigated the work of Royal Rife and the Rife microscope. Next came Wilhelm Reich with his devices. Finally, Wayne focused his attention on the ideas and technology of Nikola Tesla. It was the inspiration of Nikola Tesla, combined with his own search for optimum health and immunity from disease that led to Wayne’s creation of Silver Wain Water. In conjunction with a program for deworming, the use of Silver Wain Water has brought forth some astounding testimonials and for a variety of ailments.

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